Your First Visit

What to Expect During Your First Visit

When you first contact Healing Hands, we ask several questions about your current condition, as well as information about what health insurance you carry. That way we can best determine how soon to schedule you, and keep your expenses to a minimum.

Upon first arrival to our office, there is an immediate feeling of calm that washes over you, as a result of the pleasant atmosphere, newly renovated space, and welcoming staff. The receptionist will assist you in completing the paperwork required for your initial examination. You are then introduced to Dr. Kelly Cao, and taken into a private room off of the lobby. Dr. Cao will then ask you about your current muscular/skeletal condition and get a sense of your medical history. She will also conduct an examination of your health and the affected area. This is when you would ask any questions pertaining to your treatment and care.

Once your examination is complete, you will work alongside Dr. Cao to create short and long term goals for your treatment. Discussing goals is vital because it helps align a patient’s wants with their body’s needs. (You may want to bench press 500 lbs. tomorrow, but your body may not be ready for several months!) Once your goals have been agreed upon, Dr. Cao will begin your treatment.

Dr. Cao provides adjustments manually, which is also called a Diversified Technique. If you prefer, she can use other techniques, such as performing adjustments with an activator. (Activators are small, spring loaded tools designed to apply specific pressure to an area.) While on the table you are asked questions about any pain or discomfort you have been experiencing, and then Dr. Cao applies pressure to an affected area to realign your structural integrity, and correct vertebral subluxations. (A Vertebral Subluxation is when one or more of the bones of your spine move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves.)

After your adjustment, recommendations may be made for certain activities to be increased or restricted accordingly. You may also be given particular stretches to perform at home and instructions to drink plenty of water in order to flush out toxins. We will also suggest times for you to come in for your next appointment. The receptionist can schedule that for you, and answer any additional questions you may have.

Insurance Considerations for Your First Visit

For your first appointment, we ask that you bring your insurance card for the staff to copy and plan on a 30-45 minute stay. Typically, if you are using health insurance to pay for your chiropractic care, your plan will only cover an initial exam and history on your first visit. If you are in pain and would like to have a treatment on your first visit, that is an option, and we can make arrangements in our schedule.

If you do receive an adjustment, you are asked to lie on a chiropractic table, fully dressed. Depending on what area of the body is at issue, and whether it is a muscular or skeletal problem, determines what type of treatment you will receive. You may be asked to rest with hot packs or a muscle stimulation unit placed on your affected area prior to an adjustment. You may also receive a series of supported stretches designed to release tightness and lubricate joints, or some muscle work that is performed by applying pressure to an area to break the pattern of spasm and increase circulation.

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What Patients Are Saying About Healing Hands

  • - Joseph

    "I had bad back pain, and honestly thought I was disabled permanently. A couple of sessions with Kelly really did the trick. Brilliant chiropractor, and the masseuses there are good too."

  • -Scott

    "The day after my son's first visit with Dr. Cao, he was pain free! She asked to see Sean a couple weeks later to be sure his adjustments held and now he is completely fine. Should he, or his brothers, have any falls or injuries involving their backs and/or necks in the future our first stop will be to the chiropractor."

  • -Suzanne

    "Healing Hands is a very warm and inviting environment. I look forward to my visits there, because they are often the most relaxing part of my week. I highly recommend Healing Hands to anyone in need of help with back pain, but especially to pregnant women whose backs go through so much extra stress with the weight of pregnancy, and do not have a lot of other options."

  • -M. Tebo

    "I have been helped immensely by Dr. Kelly Cao. I was in a great deal of pain, never thought I would walk normal again, due to a slip and fall accident on black ice. I had a lot of problems ongoing from this fall. Dr. Cao always helps. No matter the pain, I do not take pain pills, I trust and believe in Dr. Cao's therapy."

  • -Jim

    I would highly recommend Dr. Cao to anyone that has pain. She is a fantastic Doctor. Unlike most doctors that I have seen in the past, she listens and then addresses the issue with a comprehensive approach which combines Chiropractic Adjustment and Medical Massage. The bottom line is.... It Works!

    I can't thank you enough Dr. Cao for relieving me of my pain!"

  • I've been seeing Dr. Cao for myself and thinking chiropractic adjustments would put an end to Sean's pain much quicker than traditional medicine's methods, I asked if she treats children. Thankfully, Dr. Cao does in fact treat children and my insurance covers the visits.

  • -Scott

    "The day after my son's first visit with Dr. Cao, he was pain free! She asked to see Sean a couple weeks later to be sure his adjustments held and now he is completely fine. Should he, or his brothers, have any falls or injuries involving their backs and/or necks in the future our first stop will be to the chiropractor."

  • -John

    "I am extremely grateful to Dr. Cao, I thought I really did it this time. Dr. Cao is a absolute professional, she knows what she's doing and I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone and Wendy will make the insurance end if it a breeze."

  • -Ann

    "After a single visit, my symptoms were substantially improved. I was able to stop decongestants without a recurrence of vertigo. I was delighted to get relief without medications. When my symptoms re-appeared this August, I returned to Dr. Cao with the same results. In addition, Dr. Cao recommended a new stretch to add to my daily routine. I am eager to see if it provides even more relief!"

  • -Jessica 6/10

    "Seeing Dr. Cao was the best thing I did in my recovery and I owe it to her that I am back to my old self again, as Dr's didn't seem to be too optimistic that I would feel 100% again. Boy am I glad they were wrong!"

  • -Jeff

    Since visiting Healing Hands in the past 2 months, I have gotten back my full range of motion, my pain has subsided and I no longer wake up in the morning with stiffness in my back.

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