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Therapeutic Massage: Considerably More Than Relaxing

  • Nov 7, 2011
  • Posted In Healthy Living

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is a hands-on technique that leaves the body renewed and revitalized.  Undeniably, the treatments are relaxing, comforting, and soothing.  But is physical enjoyment the only advantage to this ancient practice?  Absolutely not!  Therapeutic massage has multiple benefits.  Let’s look at a few.

  • Circulation Enhancer.  Therapeutic massage enhances blood circulation; an improved circulatory system assists the body in ridding harmful toxins.  At the same time, nutrient are better absorbed, oxygen in the blood increases, infection-fighting cells become better able to do their job, headaches ease, skin elasticity improves, muscles become stimulated, and even high blood pressure may decrease to more manageable levels.  In short, therapeutic massage supports a healthy immune system!
  • Helps Depression.  Depression is a serious condition that warrants immediate medical attention.  A qualified doctor specializing in this area (i.e., a psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist) should be the first line of therapy.  Nonetheless, massage therapy is a wonderful complement to other treatments.  Why?  It aids nighttime sleep, heightens concentration, decreases anxiety, increases energy, reduces fatigue, improves alertness, promotes calm, and augments overall contentment.
  • Stress Release.  Assorted studies have suggested that massage therapy is a wonderful stress releaser and anxiety reducer.  Individuals who suffer a loss of some type, experience problems at work, fret over academic classes, care for loved ones, seem overwhelmed by challenges, and suffer from illness often experience a reduction in stress/tension symptoms following massage therapy.  In fact, medical school researchers in top facilities have suggested that nearly 90% of doctors’ visits in the family practice environment are attributable in one way or another to stress.  If stress does encourage assorted ailments, then the regular use of therapeutic massage decreases the odds.
  • Pain reliever.  Therapeutic massage has been shown to ease the strain and pressure associated with certain musculoskeletal conditions.  Lower back pain reduces, neck and shoulder stiffness ease, spasms decrease, and muscles relax.  In fact, the more frequent the treatments take place (e.g., monthly, weekly), the greater the benefits.  Even individuals suffering from chronic joint pain often realize a reduction in symptoms.  An added bonus?  Flexibility and range of motion improve.

Multiple studies have indicated that therapeutic massage is extremely beneficial for many different conditions.  Premature infants perform better when massaged and even autistic children realize fewer unpredictable episodes.

Healing Hand Chiropractic Care integrates therapeutic massage as part of our wholistic wellness program.  Regular implementation of this invaluable ancient practice will not only enhance your pampering pleasure but improve your health picture, as well.